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since 2000 chairwoman of "Eric und Jula Isenburger Gesellschaft e.V."
1996-99: chairwoman of the "commission on art and architecture and art in public space" of the City of Munich
1996-98: working for the study on public art : "Kunst in der Messestadt Riem"
Concept in cooperation with Dr. Heinz Schütz and Interviews with artists, designers, architects, mediators
("Theorie +Praxis") (Dennis Adams, Ron Arad, Judith Barry, Luc Deleu, Axel Dorner, Günter Zamp Kelp,
Norbert Kottmann, Lindinger+Schmid, james Lingwood, Hermmann Pitz, Doris Thut) 2001 study,
edited by Dr. Heinz Schütz under the title"Stadt.Kunst" (Lindinger+Schmid, ISBN3-9-29970-43-0)

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